Schneider Moving Excellence - Hidden costs incredibly disrespectful service


Can you imagine a moving company called that when it misses entire cupboards actually tries to blame you?Wouldn't that be amazing?

Then they claim they should charge you more, and then the owner of the company sends you abusive emails including swearing basically explaining why you are ***. And you pay thousands for this. Well that's Georg Schneider. Georg Schneider treats his customers like ***.

Georg Schneider swears in his emails when you complain that his team have not done their job. Georg Schneider is extremely unpleasant to deal with.

Georg Schneider comes to your house before you leave and tells you everything will be fine and then later when he screws up he tells you it's your fault and you have to pay more.Go ahead and hire Georg Schneider and his company I'm sure you'll be fine as long as you don't have any cupboards.

Review about: Moving Service.



Have worked with them several times (arraning shipments for clients) and never have heard a bad word about the service.

Southampton, England, United Kingdom #664069

I had them yesterday and had a #1 service even VIP.

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